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In Bahamas, where your dream comes into reality – we offer you multi million dollar luxury Homes. We list only the most luxurious Homes in Bimini that the Bahamaian Real Estate market has to offer. Explore our Caribbean homes for sale which comes as Bali Hai – 3 Bedrooms, Harbor Island – 4 Bedrooms, Lucayan – 3 Bedrooms. All of our beachfront homes offer you the luxurious lifestyle in the Bahamas.

Multi Million Dollar Bahamas Luxury Homes For Sale

We offer wide selection of real estate including luxury homes, private islands, Bimini condos, Marina, Boat Slips and commercial properties located throughout the islands of The Bahamas. Like all luxury properties our Luxury Homes are valued at several million dollars. Discover an exclusive island paradise nestled in the Caribbean featuring luxury appointed homes. You will find an embark on an adventure that is unmatched by any other. We feature Bimini Bay where the Bahamas Banks meet Gulf Stream.

Luxury Bimini Condos

Just 48 miles off the shore of Miami, Florida and in the Caribbean Real Estate we hold the best secret in the Caribbean. We represent Bimini Bay Resort which offer you spectacular big-game fishing, quiet beaches, even tropical reefs, tennis Courts, Bocce Ball, Infinity Pool, Business Center and Wireless Internet, Fitness Center, Kid’s Playground, Non motorized watersports, Snorkeling and Scuba Charters, Shopping, Dining, Children Activity Center. We have this unique opportunity available in the Bahamas.